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Get Ready to Punch Up Your Workout with On The Block Boxing

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Working out can be a drag. The same old exercises, the same routine every time you hit the gym. It’s easy to get bored and unmotivated. But what if there was a way to liven up your workout? Take it up a notch and make it more exciting? That's where On The Block Boxing comes in. This innovative training program is here to help you transform your workout experience with boxing expert Devon Neis at your side. Whether you're just getting into shape or looking for ways to take your skills to the next level, On The Block Boxing has something for everyone!

On The Block Boxing offers classes tailored specifically for beginners and experienced boxers alike. If you're new to boxing, Devon will walk you through the basics of throwing a punch, footwork techniques, stance positions and defensive maneuvers — all while keeping safety in mind. You'll also learn how to properly use equipment like punching bags, jump ropes and other gear. As you progress through the class, Devon will adjust his instruction accordingly so that the difficulty level increases as your skills improve.

If you are an experienced boxer looking for ways to sharpen your technique or prep for competition, On The Block Boxing has options designed specifically for you as well. With specialized drills and workouts designed by Devon himself, these classes will push even veteran fighters out of their comfort zone and help them achieve their goals faster than ever before.

On The Block Boxing also provides personal training sessions that are customized based on each individual’s needs and goals — perfect for anyone who wants more one-on-one attention from Devon himself. During these sessions, he will help develop an effective plan tailored specifically for the individual’s needs and help track progress over time.

If you're ready to kickstart your fitness journey or take it up a notch with some intense boxing training—On The Block Boxing is here to help! With personalized instruction from Devon Neis designed specifically with beginners and experienced boxers in mind, this innovative program will help get you into shape faster than ever before! So don't wait—sign up now and let On The Block Boxing transform your workout experience today!

Want to experience the benefits of a Personal Trainer? Book with Devon Neis and get started HERE

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